as we get older

Today I needed to clean the oven. I usually give it a deep cleaning once a month. Today was its day. Now we have a simple oven that sits close to the ground. It is ok to use and I dont have any issues with it until today... My knees are dodgy so kneeling down … Continue reading as we get older


Shopping at Home

I have already said a few times that we have a garage full of stuff we have accumulated over time. When we merged our two households we both had stuff from previous marriages and from our children, we have stored or kept for them. At first we had a double garage that was full. When … Continue reading Shopping at Home

new goal

Well we have set our new goal today.... we are aiming to get as close to or even right there, to paying out our mortgage in two years time... that will mean we have paid ourĀ  mortgage off in 4 years. Anita Bell paid hers off in 5 years and made money writing books on … Continue reading new goal