that time in your life when you find out

I am a bit slow on the uptake I admit it, but I have just found out how unimportant I am in the scheme of things. I thought at first I was suffering from depression but no I am not... I have simply realised how little I mean to others and how unimportant my thoughts... Continue Reading →



A box of books full of our past... out comes an algebra book I have had for too many years to remember... do I get rid of it as expected ? No I dont I am going to use it to keep my brain active. I loved algebra and I cant think of a better... Continue Reading →

Money saving tips for the bored

Anyone who doesn't want to be bored with money saving tips just do not read any further.... I hate reading through a list of money saving tips but I have to say I have found some that have proven extremely helpful over the year. The other day I was visiting my son... lovable creature a... Continue Reading →


I am a newbie at sewing with a machine. Hubby got me a fancy sewing machine for his birthday...yes you got it he bought me a sewing machine for his birthday gift..... one year. I have been working slowly but slowly improving my skills which truly are rather poor, but before the move I packed... Continue Reading →

good luck folks

Its scary to think how much of our society runs on the internet and computers. One lot of money grubbing people do something to computers and world chaos begins.  Britain couldn't help its sick because their records couldn't be accessed this week due to the hackers. (yes I am probably using the wrong terminology here) So... Continue Reading →

Jam making

Seven jars of jam. Strawberries and blackberries with a couple of apples thrown in for good measure. I grew the strawberries and the blackberries myself. One jar to go to my son. One tiny jar as a farewell gift and added to a handmade card for one of Hubbies workmates. The rest will be for us.... Continue Reading →

Plans for day

I have already made my jelly before breakfast... I have heaps of gelatin in the cupboard, do not ask why because I have no idea when I collected this. I also have cordial, now I know why I got this very cheap bottle of lemon make jelly with. Hubby usually eats home made yoghurt... Continue Reading →

Getting tougher for the little guy

Ok our latest Federal budget is out and of course regardless of who is in power we the little people will be doing it tougher in the future. This means tightening the belt and making ends meet as best we can. Our budget is tight and we do what we can to lessen our expenditure.... Continue Reading →

Twiddle Muff

I go to the CWA meetings locally...well it was local until we moved and now its three bus rides away, but I still go. I made this Twiddle Muff for them. They are donated for dementia sufferers to use... I can not afford to give heaps of money but I can give this  way. Hopefully... Continue Reading →

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