just some tips

some ways I save money Yoghurt - I make my own.  An old Easiyo container and jars. I grab a packet of the mix from the supermarkets...best on sale as you can get them for as little as $3 a packet, about $4 otherwise. I mix 1 1/2 cups of full cream milk powder with... Continue Reading →


roast lamb for tea tonight

Tonight we get to eat roast lamb. I could say we purchased a lovely leg of lamb for a really low price..the lowest I have seen in the last 12 months has been $8 a kilo... but no we simply purchased lamb off cuts from woolies for about $4 a kilo. Most of the off... Continue Reading →


I have been told so many times during my life that I am useless. With the love of a great man and his encouragement I have started to realise I am not useless... today I am proud of what I have done...its small but it says so much to me... I am sharing Give it... Continue Reading →

gotta use it all

Yesterday we went shopping... our neighbour had hired a carpet cleaner who was using a jet aeroplane engine for power... After 1 1/2 hours we decided it was time to leave the complex...please note here we are in a big complex and our neighbour is situated one city block from us but we were being... Continue Reading →

thinking outside the box

I need something that I can use in my sewing...I need to measure angles. I can get the items from the sewing store but I do not shop at the 'sewing' store... who in their right mind would pay those prices? Hubby stopped by the $2 store and got me a set square and protractor.... Continue Reading →

Jack of all Trades

One of the best thing about not being an expert on one subject is that I am able to do multiple things and save myself money. Over the years I have managed to learn how to do many little things to save money but nothing that will actually get me a job.  Today I sharpened... Continue Reading →

how bad am I?

Stuffing for toys and quilts... well I had a look at the material stores, the usual big stores and eBay.... mmmm .... so I purchased two pillows for $5 and a queen size quilts for $10 from Big W.  The stuffing from the pillows will do the stuffed toys I have to make...so thats $5... Continue Reading →

Made myself a bag

I went to a $2 store and got a basic travel satchel. It just wasnt big enough so I added a pouch, phone pocket and buttons. I would prefer to simply carry my phone and my hanky but I have to also carry my medical items...epi-pens etc. These items are life saving but oh so... Continue Reading →

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