end of month

just an update Well we are fast approaching the end of our financial month. We have done pretty well with the grocery money savings this month. I took $50 less out of the bank last month and this month. I have just over $10 left for groceries this month and Hubby will grab some cheap... Continue Reading →

recycle, reuse, repurpose

I have converted an old shirt my mother gave me into something I can now use... for some reason my mother thinks I am five or six sizes bigger than I am and keeps giving me shirts etc of this size.. I reuse them to make things for the grand-kids normally but one shirt was... Continue Reading →

Earn your keep

In my home I expect things I buy to 'earn their keep'. I am not sure what others feel about this but if I am going to pay out hard earned money on something it has to earn its keep. Some years ago, close to ten to tell the truth, Hubby got me something I... Continue Reading →

Weeks groceries for two $3.50

Well my new grocery routine seems to be going well. Last month $150 for groceries (rounded up). Our new month started ten days ago and I have spent $3.50… well actually we got $25.50 worth of groceries for $3.50. This is how we did it…..       I went shopping with my list of... Continue Reading →

Tax time, yippee………..not

Well I have been off line for a week now. The computer decided to stop working. No matter what we did the thing just refused to power up, so off to the doctor I went… of course just like when you take a sick kid to the doctors and the kid bounces around the room... Continue Reading →

what have I done today

Its funny but I try to find something to say that might inspire someone and help them save money, to battle debt or simply learn a few tricks to make life easier financially. I think "what have I done today?" and start writing it down... two paragraphs in and I'm done... so I haven't done... Continue Reading →


Now I have just read an article on whether to wash your dishes before loading it into the dishwasher, it also gave some tips on how to care for the dishwasher... I hate dishwashers as I have never found one that actually does the job it says it will. I can clean it, rinse the... Continue Reading →

This week

Its been a quiet week. I have been shopping, done some cooking and visited my son. I have been online grocery shopping but thought I'd see how I go shopping each week. I have to say I am missing the spending of money, the hunt for a deal and stretching our money as far as... Continue Reading →


Yesterday we got to a box of books in the garage of decluttering, well we get to a lot of boxes of books but this one is mine. Its my cook books. they are now on the shelf that was waiting for them. I have tried a new recipe today.... Meat balls with egg=lemon sauce..I... Continue Reading →

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