Winter clothes

have fallen into the trap of simply slopping around the house in daggy tracksuit pants etc. Truly I am so ashamed ... Today I packed the tracksuit to the back of the cupboard. I will keep it because there will be a day when I get the flu or just feel like lazing around...we all … Continue reading Winter clothes


slowly does it

Money. You want it, everyone wants it and usually you have to give your money to everyone and you are left with very little or none at all and still owing money to someone else. Does this sound familiar? Budget...yes its nasty. Once you have budgeted and made sure you haven't lied to yourself and … Continue reading slowly does it


how difficult can it be to buy a cheap phone that actually works? I have an expensive one but its dying.. I purchased a cheapish one that turns itself off when ever it feels like it...some times it has to have the battery removed and replaced before we can get it to work again... problem … Continue reading Phones

left overs

Yesterday I made a meal in the slow cooker, using my bottled bolognaise meat in this sauce... I added it to tiny meat balls made from two burger patties I had in the freezer, mushrooms, onion broccoli and capsicum. Over noodles it was pretty good. All the veg had been collected and frozen over … Continue reading left overs