This is a great page…. have a look

  Dried Boletus Edulis mushrooms — Cooking Without Limits I love foraging mushrooms. It is a great exercise and also an amazing walk in the forest. Disconnected from the city rush, it is a wonderful place to meditate, listen to the birds or just to rest in the grass. If you check my facebook account … Continue reading This is a great page…. have a look


Slapped down and got right back up

Have you ever had a moment where someone said something to you and it was so shocking, so nasty that you reeled back as if you had been slapped across the face or kicked in the guts… yes you know what I mean! Yesterday I had one of those and I have come out fighting. … Continue reading Slapped down and got right back up


Ok today we took our DNA test with Ancestry ... people if you havent done this test I am telling you that this is where you find out how much spit you have... for those who have done this test you will understand what I am talking about... It was spit fest central in my … Continue reading DNA