I have been told so many times during my life that I am useless. With the love of a great man and his encouragement I have started to realise I am not useless... today I am proud of what I have done...its small but it says so much to me... I am sharing Give it... Continue Reading →


Fail by company to deliver goods

Officeworks..I use to use them to deliver my Christmas gifts... no more. Today is day 38 since handing over a handmade quilt to be delivered to our niece for her first born baby.... yes you guessed it we probably will never see the thing again. Firstly they say they have tried to deliver it three... Continue Reading →


I have been so busy lately I have not been able to update... between sewing, craft, cooking and socialising I just havent been on the net for two weeks.. This blog will be all over the place so please forgive me... Isnt it funny when you get busy and lose track of time... sewing items... Continue Reading →

Cooking for the week

Preparing for the week ahead is my goal today... no I have no great plans for the week I am just doing the norm for now. Last week I made a batch of cheese and vegemite scrolls and have had them for breakfast every morning. I made them to begin with to connect with a... Continue Reading →

one of those weeks

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you werent feeling well, couldnt sleep and when you finally fell asleep your Hubby decided to start sneezing uncontrollably keeping you awake. Now I know he didnt mean to keep me awake but when you get to be this tired reason simply flys out the window... Continue Reading →

Gift giving

We live in a different state to a lot of our family. this year we are visiting two families in a whirlwind trip to two states over ten days. ¬†Of those ten days three will be spent on aeroplanes. Now because we are visiting them we will take their birthday and Christmas gifts with us..why... Continue Reading →

my day

Its a slow day today. I have walked to the mail parcel office...7 km there and back..... to pick up 14 books.. I have Grand-kids who need Xmas and birthday gifts. The box they came in will be used to carry and protect the girls Xmas gifts, inside the suitcase on the plane. I am... Continue Reading →

Woolworth Marvel Hero discs

Now because we shop at Woolworth we have collected a few of these discs. Actually we have quite a few of them. This is not an issue as we have numerous grand-kids to give them to. Today we popped a few into an envelope and I realised we were getting our Grand-kids into gambling at... Continue Reading →

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