sigh and we have all had to deal with these at some stage during our lives... they come in with the grained foods. I found half a dozen in the rice so where there are half a dozen there will be more .... Out comes the containers for those things I haven't put in containers...I... Continue Reading →


fixing others mistakes

I have for years now used Office works Mailman service... sigh well no longer will this be the case. Last year they lost a parcel but found it very quickly so I continued to use the service. My mistake it appears. Hubby and I took two parcels into the store. The guy there gave us... Continue Reading →

Jack of all Trades

One of the best thing about not being an expert on one subject is that I am able to do multiple things and save myself money. Over the years I have managed to learn how to do many little things to save money but nothing that will actually get me a job.  Today I sharpened... Continue Reading →

how bad am I?

Stuffing for toys and quilts... well I had a look at the material stores, the usual big stores and eBay.... mmmm .... so I purchased two pillows for $5 and a queen size quilts for $10 from Big W.  The stuffing from the pillows will do the stuffed toys I have to make...so thats $5... Continue Reading →

Made myself a bag

I went to a $2 store and got a basic travel satchel. It just wasnt big enough so I added a pouch, phone pocket and buttons. I would prefer to simply carry my phone and my hanky but I have to also carry my medical items...epi-pens etc. These items are life saving but oh so... Continue Reading →

Heatwave, no problems

I have taken full advantage of the current heatwave. I pulled our bed to bits and washed everything ... mattress protector, pillows etc. Of course with the heat the way it is everything has dried by lunchtime. Sun kills so many germs why on earth would you not take advantage of it? Having the aircon... Continue Reading →

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