Noisy neighbours

Ok we have all had them so how did you deal with them... I have yelled, I have banged on the wall and I have considered strangling the fool but still the noise continues. This morning it had gotten to the point of ridiculous...the noise went late into the night so when morning finally came... Continue Reading →

War on waste

I try to re-purpose items all the time. I reuse, recycle and re-purpose as much as I am able to do. Take Hubby's socks... I darn and save them. When they are beyond darning I re-purpose them. I have used some for cleaning rags. I have one that is to the point where I cut it... Continue Reading →

we are all different

Well off I went on my walk today. It was heavy with fog and while walking I got wet from the mist but it was so refreshing. I walked 5km and a lot of it up hill. I explored a different suburb adjacent to ours. It is fun to explore the new areas after moving... Continue Reading →

What would make you kill?

Ever had a day where you just felt it would make things better if you could throttle the internet provider? Today is one of those days of me. ... sigh. We have Fetch TV with our internet service, well we are meant to have Fetch TV with our internet service. The machine tells me we... Continue Reading →

Paying for lunches

yep sure and bust my budget lol   Ok guys who nowadays actually still buys their lunches every day or that morning coffee,  lunchtime coffee etc etc.......... anyone who actually answered yes keep reading. Hubby takes his lunch everyday to work so do most of his workmates. Its quite the norm at his workplace for everyone... Continue Reading →

Sweat stains on work shirts

My husband like many men, leaves perspiration stains/build up on the underarms of his work shirts. Deodorant is the main culprit but try as I might I cant find any that stops this issue and we have used them all over the years. I have also used everything I can think of to get rid... Continue Reading →

new clothes?

I have been working on weight loss...sorry its a boring ramble today... and although I am not really putting the effort into this that I could, I am finally losing size. This is great but............ My jeans are falling off. Now this is wonderful and I love the fact I have gotten to this point... Continue Reading →


I am a newbie at sewing with a machine. Hubby got me a fancy sewing machine for his birthday...yes you got it he bought me a sewing machine for his birthday gift..... one year. I have been working slowly but slowly improving my skills which truly are rather poor, but before the move I packed... Continue Reading →

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