that time in your life when you find out

I am a bit slow on the uptake I admit it, but I have just found out how unimportant I am in the scheme of things. I thought at first I was suffering from depression but no I am not... I have simply realised how little I mean to others and how unimportant my thoughts... Continue Reading →


Meat top up

well I have spent all of my left over grocery money to top up the freezer with meat...beef, beef mince and chicken.. lamb is way to expensive as usual...sigh This lot of meat should do us for quite some time as there is only the tow of us here. The chicken will be for meals... Continue Reading →

do you subscribe to newsletters

I tried to subscribe to a news letter today... a local suitcase markets newsletter. I thought it would be nice to know when they were on and go visit them occasionally. I put in my email details and got an email asking me to confirm my subscription...mmm then when I clicked to do so I... Continue Reading →

Hubby got me a gift

Hubby came home yesterday with a gift for me...he had a bag full of fruit and veg. It cost him $3. On the way to the bus he passes an IGA store and it is usually selling off the older fruit and veg.. I am not a fruit and veg snob so love the deals... Continue Reading →

new job???

Today I finished my first batch of coasters. I call them blue lace. My kids will get these ones for Christmas gifts at some time because they were the experiment. I am umming and ahhing on whether to keep making them and selling them on eBay or something.. I think I will keep making them... Continue Reading →

Groceries …we killed it

I sat and did two online grocery orders yesterday. One item at a time I compared two stores. One store had a better delivery price but failed with lack of herbs and spices. We use a lot of those so I was disappointed to find that the one store scored badly here. Also the same... Continue Reading →

cheap holidays ?????

We have grand-kids in three different states. Every year we visit one group so we manage to see them once every two years. This year we thought we would see if we could visit two lots in a round trip. We started well... air fares were down by one flight. We were able to fly... Continue Reading →

People just don’t look

I have talked in the past about how I paint rocks and pop them around the neighbourhood for others to find and post on a Facebook page, then they are meant to re hide them for others to find. Of the 60 odd stones I have painted and distributed about 6 or 7 have been... Continue Reading →

I understand

Many years ago I was married with babies... my husband of the time did some terrible things and the police hid me in a refuge. He found us and I was on the run from then on, he always found us... I was taken from one strange environment to another trying to save my childrens... Continue Reading →

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