gotta use it all

Yesterday we went shopping... our neighbour had hired a carpet cleaner who was using a jet aeroplane engine for power... After 1 1/2 hours we decided it was time to leave the complex...please note here we are in a big complex and our neighbour is situated one city block from us but we were being... Continue Reading →


Heatwave, no problems

I have taken full advantage of the current heatwave. I pulled our bed to bits and washed everything ... mattress protector, pillows etc. Of course with the heat the way it is everything has dried by lunchtime. Sun kills so many germs why on earth would you not take advantage of it? Having the aircon... Continue Reading →

one of those weeks

Have you ever had one of those weeks where you werent feeling well, couldnt sleep and when you finally fell asleep your Hubby decided to start sneezing uncontrollably keeping you awake. Now I know he didnt mean to keep me awake but when you get to be this tired reason simply flys out the window... Continue Reading →

what have I done today

Its funny but I try to find something to say that might inspire someone and help them save money, to battle debt or simply learn a few tricks to make life easier financially. I think "what have I done today?" and start writing it down... two paragraphs in and I'm done... so I haven't done... Continue Reading →


Yesterday we got to a box of books in the garage of decluttering, well we get to a lot of boxes of books but this one is mine. Its my cook books. they are now on the shelf that was waiting for them. I have tried a new recipe today.... Meat balls with egg=lemon sauce..I... Continue Reading →


Yesterday I spent the afternoon cooking, well the slow cookers did lol. I have a three in one cooker( I saved up and purchased it out of my own pocket money not the household budget) and an old single one I use. I now have one apple cake, we ate the rice last night. Balsamic... Continue Reading →

my day

Its a slow day today. I have walked to the mail parcel office...7 km there and back..... to pick up 14 books.. I have Grand-kids who need Xmas and birthday gifts. The box they came in will be used to carry and protect the girls Xmas gifts, inside the suitcase on the plane. I am... Continue Reading →

Jam making

Seven jars of jam. Strawberries and blackberries with a couple of apples thrown in for good measure. I grew the strawberries and the blackberries myself. One jar to go to my son. One tiny jar as a farewell gift and added to a handmade card for one of Hubbies workmates. The rest will be for us.... Continue Reading →

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