Happy Easter people

A quick trip to town to the optometrist... every two years and of course a new pair of glasses for me... shrug cheap readers are not an issue just a necessity as one ages. On the way home we stopped at the fruit and veg shop... $12 got us beans, lettuce, cucumber peaches bananas bok... Continue Reading →


Bargain meat

Ok I know I am crazy but today I found out how crazy other people are.... There is an article I read about what people prefer to buy at Costco in Canberra. We are not members because we dont own a car so getting to and from Costco on a bus is awkward for us,... Continue Reading →

just some tips

some ways I save money Yoghurt - I make my own.  An old Easiyo container and jars. I grab a packet of the mix from the supermarkets...best on sale as you can get them for as little as $3 a packet, about $4 otherwise. I mix 1 1/2 cups of full cream milk powder with... Continue Reading →

roast lamb for tea tonight

Tonight we get to eat roast lamb. I could say we purchased a lovely leg of lamb for a really low price..the lowest I have seen in the last 12 months has been $8 a kilo... but no we simply purchased lamb off cuts from woolies for about $4 a kilo. Most of the off... Continue Reading →

gotta use it all

Yesterday we went shopping... our neighbour had hired a carpet cleaner who was using a jet aeroplane engine for power... After 1 1/2 hours we decided it was time to leave the complex...please note here we are in a big complex and our neighbour is situated one city block from us but we were being... Continue Reading →

yay survived

How did everyone go at Christmas time? We managed to survive. We had our main Christmas dinner on the 23rd as family simply wouldnt be available for the main day... them the breaks when your family are all grown up and have families of their own. Roast lamb meal followed by home made apple pie... Continue Reading →


I have been so busy lately I have not been able to update... between sewing, craft, cooking and socialising I just havent been on the net for two weeks.. This blog will be all over the place so please forgive me... Isnt it funny when you get busy and lose track of time... sewing items... Continue Reading →

Meat top up

well I have spent all of my left over grocery money to top up the freezer with meat...beef, beef mince and chicken.. lamb is way to expensive as usual...sigh This lot of meat should do us for quite some time as there is only the tow of us here. The chicken will be for meals... Continue Reading →

Hubby got me a gift

Hubby came home yesterday with a gift for me...he had a bag full of fruit and veg. It cost him $3. On the way to the bus he passes an IGA store and it is usually selling off the older fruit and veg.. I am not a fruit and veg snob so love the deals... Continue Reading →

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