new goal

Well we have set our new goal today.... we are aiming to get as close to or even right there, to paying out our mortgage in two years time... that will mean we have paid our  mortgage off in 4 years. Anita Bell paid hers off in 5 years and made money writing books on... Continue Reading →


Happy Easter people

A quick trip to town to the optometrist... every two years and of course a new pair of glasses for me... shrug cheap readers are not an issue just a necessity as one ages. On the way home we stopped at the fruit and veg shop... $12 got us beans, lettuce, cucumber peaches bananas bok... Continue Reading →


sigh and we have all had to deal with these at some stage during our lives... they come in with the grained foods. I found half a dozen in the rice so where there are half a dozen there will be more .... Out comes the containers for those things I haven't put in containers...I... Continue Reading →

find different ways to do things

Well I have been using the exercise machine we found and added it to the other daily exercises I do. The machine works a treat and we now call the garage our gym. I also lift weights down there.. well the tool bag is heavy and easy to handle so it doubles as the weights... Continue Reading →

Meat top up

well I have spent all of my left over grocery money to top up the freezer with meat...beef, beef mince and chicken.. lamb is way to expensive as usual...sigh This lot of meat should do us for quite some time as there is only the tow of us here. The chicken will be for meals... Continue Reading →

Hubby got me a gift

Hubby came home yesterday with a gift for me...he had a bag full of fruit and veg. It cost him $3. On the way to the bus he passes an IGA store and it is usually selling off the older fruit and veg.. I am not a fruit and veg snob so love the deals... Continue Reading →

Groceries …we killed it

I sat and did two online grocery orders yesterday. One item at a time I compared two stores. One store had a better delivery price but failed with lack of herbs and spices. We use a lot of those so I was disappointed to find that the one store scored badly here. Also the same... Continue Reading →

Weeks groceries for two $3.50

Well my new grocery routine seems to be going well. Last month $150 for groceries (rounded up). Our new month started ten days ago and I have spent $3.50… well actually we got $25.50 worth of groceries for $3.50. This is how we did it…..       I went shopping with my list of... Continue Reading →

what have I done today

Its funny but I try to find something to say that might inspire someone and help them save money, to battle debt or simply learn a few tricks to make life easier financially. I think "what have I done today?" and start writing it down... two paragraphs in and I'm done... so I haven't done... Continue Reading →

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