slowly does it

Money. You want it, everyone wants it and usually you have to give your money to everyone and you are left with very little or none at all and still owing money to someone else. Does this sound familiar? Budget...yes its nasty. Once you have budgeted and made sure you haven't lied to yourself and … Continue reading slowly does it


Slapped down and got right back up

Have you ever had a moment where someone said something to you and it was so shocking, so nasty that you reeled back as if you had been slapped across the face or kicked in the guts… yes you know what I mean! Yesterday I had one of those and I have come out fighting. … Continue reading Slapped down and got right back up

left overs

Yesterday I made a meal in the slow cooker, using my bottled bolognaise meat in this sauce... I added it to tiny meat balls made from two burger patties I had in the freezer, mushrooms, onion broccoli and capsicum. Over noodles it was pretty good. All the veg had been collected and frozen over … Continue reading left overs

new goal

Well we have set our new goal today.... we are aiming to get as close to or even right there, to paying out our mortgage in two years time... that will mean we have paid our  mortgage off in 4 years. Anita Bell paid hers off in 5 years and made money writing books on … Continue reading new goal