Valentines day

who is going to celebrate Valentines day? We arent, we dont.... we prefer to make sure we express our love daily. Valentines day, to us, is simply a money grabber. Today I made jam. Hubby stopped at the fruit stall on the way home and grabbed discounted fruit so I could make jam...this I needed... Continue Reading →



Do you give to dont tell me because that is a personal question... We give when we can... if I pass a collector of a legit collector I empty my coin purse into their box. We give to Red Cross and other organisations when ever we can afford it. Lately we have been taking... Continue Reading →

Paying for lunches

yep sure and bust my budget lol   Ok guys who nowadays actually still buys their lunches every day or that morning coffee, ¬†lunchtime coffee etc etc.......... anyone who actually answered yes¬†keep reading. Hubby takes his lunch everyday to work so do most of his workmates. Its quite the norm at his workplace for everyone... Continue Reading →

new clothes?

I have been working on weight loss...sorry its a boring ramble today... and although I am not really putting the effort into this that I could, I am finally losing size. This is great but............ My jeans are falling off. Now this is wonderful and I love the fact I have gotten to this point... Continue Reading →

Plans for day

I have already made my jelly before breakfast... I have heaps of gelatin in the cupboard, do not ask why because I have no idea when I collected this. I also have cordial, now I know why I got this very cheap bottle of lemon make jelly with. Hubby usually eats home made yoghurt... Continue Reading →

Pizza yum

Ok I tried this method out and I can say I have bases freezing at the moment. No idea if I will be able to take them out of the bags but I cant see why the bags wouldnt just peel off the bases when I need them (pardon the pun). The only issue I... Continue Reading →

I don’t buy

There are a lot of things I don't buy. I will give you one example ... garbage bags or plastic bags. I recycle bread bags or plastic bags we bring fruit and veg home in. These are used for a variety of things eg freezing things in or if I have a particularly smelly item... Continue Reading →

local gym

today I signed up to my local gym.... and it cost me nothing We went for a walk and not five minutes away is a great little gym. Yes it is a free one in the park but it is a gym I intend to take full advantage of. It costs me nothing but my... Continue Reading →

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